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New & Working Papers

New Papers

1. Bhargava, S., and Hyde, T. “Risk Aversion in the Field: Evidence on Prevalence and Motives from an Employee Rewards Program,” 2023. [Under Review]

2. Bhargava, S.* and Kassam, K.S. “Love and Gender: An Empirical Account,” 2022. Revise and Resubmit, Psychological Science.

3. Bhargava, S., and Conell-Price, L. “Serenity Now, Save Tomorrow? Evidence on Retirement Savings Puzzles from a 401(k) Field Experiment,” 2022. [Under Review]

4. Bhargava, S.* , Conell-Price, L., Mason, R., and Benartzi, S. “Save(d) by Design?” 2021. [Under Review]

5. Bhargava, S. “New Evidence on the Hedonic and Time-Use Consequences of Children,” 2020. 

6. Bhargava, S., and Hyde, T. “Behavioral Erosion of Private Risk Information,” 2023.


Working Papers

1. Bhargava, S.*, Mason, R., Patterson, M., and Benartzi, S. “When Does the Future Begin? Evidence from 401(k) Auto-Escalation Field Experiments.”


2. Bhargava, S., Connoly, D. “Noise and Bias in Policy Perceptions: New Evidence and Calibrations.”


3. Bhargava, S., and Hyde, T. “Gender and Financial Risk Aversion in the Field: New Evidence on Motives.”


4. Bhargava, S., Loewenstein, G., and Sydnor, J. “Heuristics Gone Awry: New Evidence on Motives for Insurance Choice.”


Household Finance



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